How DO remarkable women lead? Session 2

Give yourself a lunchtime gift of time and community to explore this always-timely-question. 

Join us for The Haven’s first book club series to discuss How Remarkable Women Lead (by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston).  Already a classic, the book offers inspiring stories and lessons about how leaders “use their strengths, their optimism, their sense of belonging, their power, and their energy to prevail in service of [their] purpose.” 

This book club will be lead by Cindy Levine, Leadership Coach (and former JPMorgan COO) 

Some years ago, Cindy walked out of a midtown Manhattan high-rise and into the rest of her life. After a successful 25-year career transforming dynamic, high potential financial service businesses she was ready to contribute in new ways. “I lifted my head up, took a fresh look at the world, and asked myself ‘how can I lead in new ways that will a positive difference?’”  Today, Cindy helps remarkable leaders in the corporate, social enterprise and non-profit sectors thrive and “be the change they want to see.” Three years ago, she bid adieu to the concrete jungle and became a Bender with her husband, Bruce.  Her 2 sons and their families have an uncanny knack for timing their visits from back east with blue sky ski days at Mt. Bachelor.

Series Cost  Members: $60/ Non-members: $75 (includes cost of book)
Individual session cost: $15 (plus the cost of book $ 16.50 if you purchase through Cindy) 

Session 1:  October 15 / Framing: Optimism, Change, Moving on / Reading pages 64-121 

Session 2: October 29 / Connection:  Reciprocity, Sponsorship / Reading pages 125-183

Session 3: November 12 / Engaging:  Stand up, Speak up / Reading pages 187-223

Session 4: December 3 / Energizing:  Resilience, Renewing / Reading pages 237-283

Sessions will be held from noon to 1:15 in the Library. 

 You can purchase a ticket for a single session or a ticket for all 4 sessions. If you purchase a single ticket you must either bring your own book or purchase a book ticket here separately.